FN303 Less Lethal Launcher L/E First Responder Only Model

FN303 Less Lethal Launcher L/E First Responder Only Model

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FN303 Less Lethal Launcher

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FN 303 Less Lethal Launcher is constructed from durable lightweight polymer with comfortable ergonomics and an easy to operate safety. The FN 303® Launcher is equipped with both flip-up iron sights and an integrated MIL-STD 1913 top mounting rail for optical or electronic sights or other accessories. The lightweight polymer magazine holds 15 projectiles and offers a clear rear cover to allow the operator to instantly verify both the payload type and the number of projectiles remaining WARNING: Use with extreme caution. Not intended for recreational use. Misuse may result in injury or death. Avoid aiming at face or head. Read operator’s manual before use. Instruction required before use. All operators of the FN 303® Less Lethal Systems (to include the FN 303 P) must be certified by the FNH USA Training Team prior to deploying either less lethal system.


FN 303 is extremely accurate at 25 meters and offers a very high probability of torso hits at 50 meters. It can be used at ranges up to 100 meters. Efficiency The FN 303 guarantees a maximum effect on impact. The shock and pain caused by the impact instantly stop and neutralize the suspect. Ease To Use Using compressed air to launch projectiles, the FN 303® gives no flash, very little sound and almost no recoil. Multiple Engagements

FN 303 fires semi-auto from a 15-round magazine allowing rapid multiple engagements.
The FN 303 projectile has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of penetrating injuries. The primary effect of the projectile is trauma, capable of stopping and neutralizing the aggressor immediately. Secondary effects from the projectiles can be delivered via a chemical payload, such as a marking or an irritating effect, depending on mission requirements.

Most of the time, only one shot is enough to neutralize the suspect, which makes the FN 303 less lethal system really different from the other existing less lethal products. The 18mm (.68"), 8.5 g weight projectiles utilizes a fin stabilized polystyrene body and non-toxic bismuth forward payload to provide both a more accurate and greater effective range than the other less lethal systems. The FN 303® projectile range includes five different types, featuring identical weight, identical ballistics and consequently, identical impact.